Black Belt Club Training

Purpose of Black Belt Club Training

Master Jacob wants to help out all Black Belt students at Park’s Tae Kwon Do improve their overall Tae Kwon Do skills and increase their education on how and why the specific Tae Kwon Do techniques work the way they do.  All Masters at Park’s Tae Kwon Do are very passionate about Tae Kwon Do and are dedicated to help students improve their knowledge of Martial Arts and to help them to become a true Martial Artist.  This is an extra training opportunity for Black Belt students to ask questions about techniques and Tae Kwon Do subjects.  The Tae Kwon Do Masters will answer questions and help students practice and enhance their techniques.


Black Belt Club Training Details

Ages: All ages, but strictly Black Belts only.

Cost for B.B.C.T: If you are a Black Belt student at Park’s Tae Kwon Do, there is no additional charge on top of your Membership Contract Term Fee.

Masters at Park’s Tae Kwon Do have a strong desire towards students becoming a true Martial Artist so the Masters dedicate their time every Saturday to help.

When: Each Saturday from 11am – Noon.

(Exception: There is no Black Belt Club Training during Belt Testing Dates – Refer to the yearly schedule and you’ll be able to determine Belt Testing dates.)

What to bring: Full uniform, sparring gear and nun-chucks.

Is it Mandatory? No, however, we strongly recommend all Black Belt students that want to continuously improve their Tae Kwon Do skills attend.