Belt Testing General Information & Requirements

Who tests the students? Master Jacob


How often is belt testing conducted? Every three months.


When does testing occur? March, June, September and December


When are we notified that we are eligible for testing? You will receive a testing form 5 weeks before the actual test date.


Is make-up testing allowed? While we highly encourage testing during regular belt tests, sometimes circumstances prevent this.  We will work with students on an individual basis to arrange make-up testing that is convenient for all involved.


What do I need to bring to testing? Wear your full uniform and current belt, and bring your full sparring gear and nun-chucks.   Most importantly – this is a big day for celebration.  Bring your positive attitude, full determination and best effort.


Where is belt testing conducted? Park’s Tae Kwon Do


What time is belt testing usually conducted?

Little Kids and Youth @ 10am on Saturday

Adults and Blackbelts @ 5pm on Friday


Can parents, family, friends and guests attend and watch?

Absolutely! You are welcome to invite as many guests as you would like and they are encouraged to take pictures and cheer.


Belt Testing Eligibility Explanation – Please click here