Mission Statement

Theme phrase

“Achieving Blackbelt is only a beginning and as a blackbelt, you learn to be a bigger person everyday”


Mission statement

Park’s Taekwondo mission is to support our students as best as we possibly can to be successful in their lives through the discipline of Taekwondo.  We always try our best to provide individualized attention to each student’s needs and help them to be successful in Taekwondo with positive mindset.  Many of our students go on to obtain their blackbelt degrees through years of practice and hard work and we believe you can do it as well and we will help you to achieve to be a bigger blackbelt.  We try to influence our students to be much respectful to others, have a positive attitude all the time, and be contributing members of society happily.  Our goal is to provide the best Taekwondo instructors with high energy, unlimited patience regardless of anyone’s mental, physical status or age and we will help you to overcome to be an amazing martial artist.


Learn Taekwondo from the dedicated expert instructors

Park’s Taekwondo welcomes family, men, women, children of any age or ability level.  We are very much welcome complete beginners and we are here to help you to be a best martial artist with great respect and kind.